Christmas at home with Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison loves everything about Christmas – from the build-up to the brussels sprouts and magical movies.

“I used to be organised and send my Christmas cards in early December,” Rosanna laughs, “but I haven’t sent any in the last few years. Generally, I’ve really tried to keep Christmas as simple as possible and just focus on my immediate family with cards and presents.”

Presents will be wrapped a week or so before Christmas Day and arranged under the tree as Rosanna and Wes enjoy the build-up to the big day. “With three toddlers at home, we’ve built a baby gate around their Christmas tree to protect it from little hands and keep the wrapped presents safe!”

Rosanna loves a real tree and its gorgeous pine scent.

Growing up, we always had a real one so I think it’s the nostalgia of childhood Christmasses. It can take a bit more time to clear up the pine needles but I think it’s worth it

she admits. This year, their daughter, Sophia, has been bringing home decorations that she’s made in preschool which will take pride of place on the branches. “This is also the first year that we’re bringing them to meet Santa, which we are all excited about.”

Having had an especially busy year, Christmas shopping is starting later than usual, with plans over the coming days to head straight to Carrickmines Park once she has an hour or two free. “I love TK Maxx for gifts and those amazing designer gems you can find, Next Home for interiors, Boots for baby bits and pieces, and Petstop for treats for my little dog, Ted.” A regular shopper at Carrickmines Park, she was delighted to be asked to officially launch the Christmas shopping season here.

For Rosanna, Christmas is all about traditions and spending time with loved ones.

On Christmas Eve we usually go over to the family home in Wicklow for dinner and a Christmas movie. It’s just a nice way to relax and spend time together. This year, it will probably be a children’s Christmas movie so we can all enjoy it.

Christmas Day will be spent there with her parents and two brothers. “They both live in London so it’s going to be extra special to have the family together, plus they’re both brilliant with my children. It’s always nice to have an extra pair of hands or two!”

So what’s on the menu for Christmas dinner? “I love Brussels sprouts!” she declares emphatically, “Especially sautéed with some garlic, toasted almonds and chestnuts. We always enjoy roast veggies and potatoes, a veggie nut loaf, bread sauce, red cabbage, veggie stuffing and I often make the chocolate cheesecake recipe from my second cookbook, Eat Yourself Fit. It’s rich, creamy, decadent and always gets polished off!”

A fan of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which she plans to watch over Christmas, there’s another special movie that brings back fond childhood memories for both herself and Wes. “In the last few days we’ve been watching The Snowman at home with our children and they absolutely love it. It is forty years old this year and such a classic. It brings back great memories of our own childhoods.”

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