Mole scanning service at Boots Carrickmines Park

Has a mole on your skin ever given you cause for concern? Boots Carrickmines Park is delighted to confirm that the ScreenCancer Mole Scanning Service is available in store and is designed to put your mind at ease!

Whether it’s a mole that you’ve had for some time, or a new mark that has you concerned, their expert service can help you understand what’s happening beneath the surface.

Why should you get your moles checked?

Moles are common skin features most of us have. However, sometimes they can change in appearance, signalling potential health issues. The ScreenCancer Mole Scanning Service at Boots Carrickmines Park helps identify moles and pigmented lesions that may need further investigation. These skin features, rich in melanin, can appear due to sun exposure, ageing, or even be present from birth. While most aren’t anything to be worried about, some can be a sign of skin cancer.

What to expect from the service

The service provides an expert assessment of your moles, but it’s important to note that it does not offer a skin cancer diagnosis. Instead, Boots will share the imagery of your mole or pigmented lesion, with a ScreenCancer Dermatology Specialist, who can recognise suspicious moles that might require a follow up with your Doctor.


The Mole Scanning Service is priced at €45 for one mole/pigmented lesion or €25 for each additional mole/pigmented lesion scanned within the same consultation (maximum of four).

Book your appointment today!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and let Boots Carrickmines Park help you keep an eye on your skin! For more information and to book an appointment visit – Mole Scanning Service – Boots Ireland.

Terms & Conditions: The Mole Scanning Service is operated by ScreenCancer and the fee that you pay for this service is paid to ScreenCancer. Eligibility criteria and charges apply. In selected stores only, subject to availability.

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