Sales shopping SOS

Make the most of your winter sales shopping, with these pro shopping tips:

1. Do a wardrobe audit

A proper wardrobe clear-out while helping you to take stock. Go through your rails and shelves identifying anything that’s been sitting unloved and unworn for over six months. Identify anything that you’ve outgrown or is past its best. Take note of anything you seem to own multiples of. If you’re a shoe addict or own more coats than you could ever hope to wear, maybe it’s time to skip these sections this year.

2. Socially climb

Like and follow your favourite shops and brands on social media and make sure you’re signed up to their newsletters. They’ll often offer a sneak peek of what’s going on-sale, as well as offering special loyalty discounts.

3. Make a list

Lists are a great way to save time and money. Write down everything you hope to find on sale, and stick to the plan. This organised approach will help you to stay focused while avoiding any impulse purchases you may later regret.

4. Set a budget

If you’ve been holding out for that great winter coat, coffee machine upgrade or new set of golf clubs, decide how much you want to spend before going shopping. Winter sales offer real value, but the feel-good factor comes from knowing you’ve found your dream item at a price that feels good too.

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