Sweet summer slumber


Simply drop into Carrickmines Park where you’ll find a full array of sleep aids to help maximise those Zzzzzzs. Hit up Home Focus at Hickeys for readymade blackout curtains with eyelets that simply slide onto a curtain pole with minimum fuss. The staff at Harvey Norman, Curry’s and Smyth’s can introduce you to the latest smart technology designed to help improve your sleep, or your baby’s. Choose from a selection of sound, light and aroma devices from brands like Sleepace to V-Tech or call into Boots where traditional fixes like silky eyes masks, sleep supplements, lavender candles and luxurious bath oils can all help you get some serious summer shut-eye.

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08 September 2023

Kids coats at Carrickmines Park

Carrickmines Park is fully stocked with warm and waterproof coats to protect the kids heading into the season of sniffles.
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07 September 2023

Snuggle time

The quickest way to refresh your sitting room is with soft furnishings. Top of our autumn list is a cosy new throw to snuggle up with in the evenings.