The golden rules of an Easter egg hunt

From mini eggs to chocolate bunnies and themed baskets, you’ll find everything you need at Pepco for a fun Easter egg hunt. Ensure it all goes to plan by following these 3 golden rules.

1. Equal eggs for all!

Make the Easter egg hunt fun and fair by assigning individual colours to each child’s eggs. Children may only collect eggs that are their colour – avoiding unfair hoarding. If your eggs have multi-coloured wrappers simply use a Sharpie to label them with each child’s initials. This will help ensure younger kids aren’t outfoxed by speedier older siblings.

2. Record where you’ve hidden the eggs

Keep track of where all the eggs are hidden. A record will ensure that no little hunters are left disadvantaged, while also avoiding forgotten eggs reappearing weeks later in flower beds or under cushions.

3. Keep your animals safe

Dogs tend to like chocolate, but it can make them very sick. Make sure they’re kept away from temptation by keeping them indoors or in a secure space while the Easter egg hunt is set-up and happening.

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