The power of an air fryer

The NINJA Double Stack Air Fryer has arrived at Currys and is set to enhance your cooking experience!

It’s sleek, stacked drawer design not only saves precious counter space but also doubles the cooking capacity, making it perfect for preparing multiple dishes simultaneously.

Imagine whipping up crispy chips and juicy chicken wings at the same time without mixing flavours. The NINJA Double Stack makes this a reality with its dual-zone technology. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just meal prepping, this new air fryer is a game changer.

Here are some handy hacks:

  1. Use a spray: Lightly spray your food with oil for that extra crisp.
  2. Shake it Up: Shake the basket halfway through cooking to ensure all sides are evenly cooked.
  3. Layer smartly: Don’t overcrowd the basket, leave space for air to circulate.
  4. Experiment: The NINJA double stack air fryer isn’t just for frying, try baking, roasting, or even dehydrating you favourite foods!


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