Upgrade your furry friend’s treat time with lick mats!

Attention all Carrickmines Park pet owners! Upgrade your furry friend’s treat time to a whole new level with lick mats.

An innovative product designed with ridges to encourage licking rather than biting. They’re a game-changer for your pet’s well-being. Whether you have a playful pup or a curious cat, lick mats offer a multitude of benefits, from reducing anxiety to promoting dental health.

The dedicated staff in Petstop are ready to help you create the perfect spreadable recipe for the lick mat. Whether it’s natural yogurt to pet-friendly peanut butter, there’s a variety of ingredients to suit your pet’s age, size, and breed to ensure your pet get the right recipe whether it’s for a reward treat or a healthy booster.

Swing by Petstop at Carrickmines Park to pick up your new pet treat!

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